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Factory Farming
Factory Farming

Across nationwide prime time TV, we launch 'Somewhere' — our groundbreaking public awareness campaign that's inspiring compassionate people to make farmed animals' dreams come true.

Because all animals deserve kindness and a life worth living. But for millions of animals each year, this remains but a dream, impacted by practices born in another era. Your choices can change their world.

Live Export
Live Export
Join us in taking a moment to look back over the huge progress we've made together for the animals who are victims of live export, why live export must end, and how we will help end it for good.
Why Veg
JUNE 2020
Why Veg

Food, glorious food! A good meal has the power not only to fuel the body but to also nourish the soul. Almost universally, food brings people together. Across cultures the world over, the preparation and giving of food to others is largely a gesture of love. But while the sharing of meals can be a beautiful thing for human relationships, the food systems we've built to bring such food to the table have all but destroyed our relationship with another group of beings – animals.

That's why we've launched a major public awareness campaign to spread the word about the many benefits of eating plant-based food — find out more about this exciting initiative here!

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